Value of Royalties in Roosevelt County Montana

Value of Royalties in Roosevelt County Montana

The most common question we receive from royalty owners is how much are my royalties worth if I were to sell them?  If you are trying to determine the value of royalties in Roosevelt County Montana, you would certainly not be the first.  We get inquiries daily from folks looking to cash out of a monthly revenue stream to fund a college education, pay off a car loan or pay off a home.  We have put together a simple calculator below to help provide you a guide to the possible value of royalties in Roosevelt county Montana.

However, please know that this is a general range of expectation and values outside this range are often found.  In our experience producing royalties in the Bakken command a higher premium than in other regions of the country.  It is very important then to get some help before you make any decisions to sell your royalties in Roosevelt County Montana.  You do not want to miss out on a significantly higher payout, so please contact us if you have specific questions about your situation using the form below.

CAUTION:  If you have received an offer for your royalties, please consider reaching out to us to discuss.  Like anything, accepting your first offer without considering someone may pay more is not a wise decision.  Royalties often sell fast so if you need to sell in a hurry, taking a couple of weeks to make sure the offer you have in hand is the best one is a smart move.

Calculating the Value of Royalties in Roosevelt County Montana

Understanding the value of royalties in Roosevelt County Montana can generally be calculated using the form below.  Very simply, buyers of royalties in Roosevelt County will often pay anywhere from 48 to 72 times your average monthly royalty income.

While this range will provide you an estimate of what you can expect to receive for your Roosevelt oil and gas royalties, prices outside this range are certainly possible.  With that said, sometimes you just need to speak with someone about your specific situation and how you should approach selling your royalties.

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