Sell Mineral Rights
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Are you trying to sell mineral rights for maximum value in North Dakota?  If so, you’re not alone.  It can be a very confusing process!  A lot of mineral owners know very little about mineral rights.   They simply need to get their property sold for the highest price. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who take advantage of mineral owners.  They know that mineral owners aren’t sure what their property is worth.  They also know that most mineral owners will quickly get frustrated and end up selling below market value.   This free guide will show you how to sell mineral rights for maximum value.  We’ll also show you how to avoid the common pitfalls that most mineral owners fall into.

How to Sell Mineral Rights for Maximum Value

When you decide to sell mineral rights, you have a choice to make.  The choice you make is going to determine if you sell mineral rights for maximum value or sell below market value.    You have the option to either sell mineral rights on your own, or work with an industry professional.  A lot of mineral owners decide to sell on their own.  They do this because they are able to quickly find buyers via google.   If they can find buyers on their own, why bother working with a broker?

The reason selling on your own is a mistake is that you simply can’t get your property in front of enough buyers.  You could spend weeks contacting buyers and contact less than 1% of the mineral rights buyers.    To sell mineral rights for maximum value the key is to get your property in front of a lot of buyers.   The more buyers know your property is available the better.   When there are thousands of buyers competing for your property this drives up the price.   This competition ensures that you sell mineral rights for maximum value.    Selling mineral rights on your own is setting yourself up to make less money.

To sell mineral rights for maximum value, we recommend you list the property at US Mineral Exchange.  The reason is that listing your property with US Mineral Exchange is like putting your home on the MLS.   Thousands of buyers across the United States will be notified when you list your property at US Mineral Exchange.  They will quickly get your property in front of buyers.   These buyers will compete to pay you the highest price and put more cash in your pocket than doing it on your own.   On top of that, they make the process very simple.  They review all the documentation, ensure you are working with qualified buyers, and make it a very smooth process.

The reason we always recommend US Mineral Exchange is that we have spoken to numerous mineral owners who had a successful sale.  They ended up selling for far more money than the offers they were getting on their own.   If you want to sell mineral rights for maximum value it’s in your best interests to work with a reputable company who will take care of everything for you.

Documentation is key!

Whether you list your property with a reputable broker or risk doing it on your own, documentation is key.  The more documentation you can provide the better.  Buyers use documentation to evaluate your property.   When you provide good documentation it shows buyers you are serious.   Providing documentation up front leads to more offers and will help aid you in getting the best price.   It can be a pain to gather all your documentation but having it ready to go is important if you want to sell mineral rights for maximum value.

Here are the documents you need to have to sell mineral rights for maximum value in North Dakota:

  • Deed/Conveyance Document:  This document should show how you acquired the property.  Whether through purchase or inheritance you should have proof of your ownership in the property.
  • Lease Agreement:  If you are leased or you are receiving royalties, you need to have your lease agreement.  A lot of mineral owners don’t and it can cost you big time!  The lease agreement helps mineral rights buyers determine how many net mineral acres you own and what royalty % you are leased at.   If you don’t have your lease agreement, you can contact the operator or company who leased your property to get a copy.
  • Royalty Check Stubs:  If you are receiving oil and gas royalties in North Dakota, you will need your most recent check stubs.   The check stubs have details on them that show what you are being paid for.  This is another important piece of documentation for buyers.  It’s a good idea to have the last 6 months of check stubs available for buyers to review.  You can get these from the operator paying you royalties if you don’t already have them.

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