Sell Royalties in Laramie County Wyoming

Sell Royalties in Laramie County Wyoming

Have you been contacted about selling royalties in Laramie County Wyoming?  If so, welcome to the crowd.  It seems there is a renewed interest in this area as we are getting enough inquiries to warrant this post.  First, let’s talk about the offer.

The offer in Hand

Are you familiar with EBAY?  Most of us have at least spent a few minutes on the site and it is usually very apparent it is a marketplace for just about anything.  Ordinary folks place items they want to sell on the site and hope buyers on the site will pay a premium for what they are selling.  Consider this.  When you purchase an item on EBAY or if you were considering it, would you lead with your highest offer or would you try to get it at a discount?  Contact us immediately if you would lead with your highest offer!

The offer you have in hand is very likely not someone’s highest offer, so it would be a good idea to contact that company and begin negotiations for something better.  Having said that, what if the offer is a low ball offer to begin with and the most you are able to negotiate over the first offer is still not a fair value?  When looking to sell royalties in Laramie county Wyoming, lets go back to our EBAY example.

Minimum steps required

EBAY provides sellers of goods with a marketplace of potential buyers for your items.  The reason this works is because they pretty much do all the work for you.  You list your item, thousands of buyers have access to your item and those that are interested make an offer.  At the end of this process, you feel good that you got the highest price you could at the time.

Options available

At this point you have three options:

Ignore the letter.  The decision to sell is always yours so if you are not interested in selling at this time, file the offer letter away in case at some point you want to revisit it.

If interested in the offer, first contact the company and begin negotiation for a higher price.  At this time you need to also be contacting thousands of other mineral buyers around the country to ensure the offer on the table is the best one.

Contact US Mineral Exchange. US Mineral Exchange is the preferred online marketplace for both buyers and sellers.  With thousands of buyer contacts across the country, they can quickly help you determine if the offer in hand is the highest or if another party would pay more.  There is no cost to list and no out of pocket expenses at any time.  You really have nothing to lose.

Still have questions?

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