How do I Sell
Mineral Rights in North Dakota

“If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice.”  Norman Ralph Augustine

I love that quote because in any market place, those who know rarely share. And those who share may not be sharing to benefit you.  Are you asking the question, how do I sell mineral rights in North Dakota?

If so, read on my friend.

Tip #1 – Be smart with your time on the Internet

If you are spending hours on the Internet looking for answers on how to sell your mineral rights or how to value your oil and gas properties, you are wasting your time.

It is likely you have already found the websites promising to pay top dollar for your mineral rights.  Please consider that these folks may not be bad people, but they have absolutely no interest in paying you top dollar.  Their interest is feeding their families and paying for their kids college education, not yours.

Tip #2 – Partner with someone you can trust

Consider the stock broker.  Does the stock broker set the price for the stock or does the stock broker recommend what to buy?  Obviously the marketplace sets the price.  So when you are looking for help selling mineral rights in North Dakota or any state for that matter, you must establish a sales price and to do so, you need a marketplace.  We recommend US Mineral Exchange.  They created a marketplace where mineral and royalty owners can list their property for sale and buyers from around the country compete to establish the selling price.

US Mineral ExchangeWe have referred many of our readers to US Mineral Exchange.  If you are looking to sell your mineral rights in North Dakota you should consider reaching out to them. 

Tip #3 – Be prepared

  • Mineral Deed or other Ownership Document

  • If a royalty, last 6 months check stubs

  • Location/Legal description of property

  • If leased currently or in the past, copies of any lease agreements

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