Fair price for oil and gas royalties

Fair price for oil and gas royalties

One of the most challenging things about owning oil and gas royalties is selling them.  How do you get a fair price for oil and gas royalties?  Most people have been receiving royalties for a while and eventually decide to sell.  They get a few offers in the mail or start searching the web but there’s just one problem.  Once you have an offer in your hand how do you even know if it’s a fair price for oil and gas royalties?

What happens in many cases is that royalty owners get confused and frustrated by the process.  They end up selling royalties far below market value.  However, you can avoid falling into the same trap!  To ensure you get a fair price for oil and gas royalties carefully read this free guide.  We’ll explain how to get a fair price for oil and gas royalties.   We’ll also show you how you can sell oil and gas royalties for the highest price.

How to estimate a fair price for oil and gas royalties

As a very rough estimate, you can assume the value of oil and gas royalties is between 4 years to 6 years times the average amount you receive each month.  There are a lot of things that will affect the value but this is a good guess at what your royalties are worth.  You can use this calculator to get a quick estimate of the value:

Now that you have a quick estimate for a fair price for oil and gas royalties, the tricky part comes next.  You need to actually go sell royalties for the best price.  This is where most mineral owners get confused or frustrated and end up selling for below market value.

How to get a fair price for oil and gas royalties

You have two paths you can take when you decide to sell oil and gas royalties.  One path will force you to accept less than your property is worth and the other will allow you to get a fair price for oil and gas royalties.

Option 1: Do it yourself

We see mineral owners fall into this trap all the time.  Finding buyers is easy.  Seriously!  Just do a quick google search and you will find hundreds of buyers with website set up offer to purchase your royalties.   What mineral owners don’t realize is that they could spend weeks contacting these individual buyers.   They submit their information and get an offer back.  In addition, they are assured it’s the “best possible price” on the market.  Since mineral owners generally don’t know the value they assume it’s a fair deal.  They accept the offer and move on down the road.  The problem is that the offer is almost never a fair price for oil and gas royalties.

When mineral owners decide to sell on their own, they are just scratching the surface of all the buyers in the market. If you want to get maximum value you need your property to be seen by thousands of buyers.

Option 2: Work with an expert

To get a fair price for oil and gas royalties you need to work with an expert.  Doing so will allow you to ensure the best sales price.  By working with an expert like US Mineral Exchange you can avoid all the issues associated with doing it on your own.   Working with an expert means you quickly get your property in front of thousands of buyers.  These buyers will compete for your property ensuring you get the best price.  In addition, US Mineral Exchange will make sure you are working with qualified buyers who can pay the best prices.   Not only do you work with good buyers and get the best price, it’s actually a lot less work on your part!  Working with experts allows you to sit back while they bring the best possible offers right to you.

Thinking about selling royalties?

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