Market value of minerals in Dunn County North Dakota

Market value of minerals in Dunn County North Dakota

If you own minerals in Dunn County North Dakota, consider yourself lucky.  Even with falling crude prices, the demand for your property is at an all time high.  Knowing you have something of value is easy; determining how much value you are holding is difficult.

What do you need to know about the market value of minerals in Dunn County North Dakota?

“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.”  Confucius

Why do passenger airline pilots go through years of training before taking to the skies?  Clearly they have to be trained, but more importantly they have to fail.  Today’s modern pilots undergo years of flight training before their first flight.  They are asked to manage near impossible weather conditions, mechanical and instrumentation failures and physical and emotional challenges.  They are pushed to the brink of failure by their instructors for the sole purpose of forcing them to fail.  That’s right.  Fail.  Eventually, these pilots figure out how to manage each of these challenges and by the time they transport their first passenger they have flown countless successful flights.  When boarding a plane, I am comforted to know that my pilot has undergone such training ahead of time and they are without a doubt prepared for what lies ahead.

So, why spend so much time talking about airline pilots?

You are looking to determine the market value of minerals in Dunn County North Dakota.  What do you need to know?  What are the pitfalls you should be looking out for?  What experiences do you have in determining the value?  The answer is very likely not much.

You need help.

There comes a time, when you have to throw up your hands and just say I need help.  Now is the time.  At this point you have a few options available to you:

1 – Mineral Rights Appraisal – If you own a large tract of land, we suggest you consider a mineral rights appraiser to determine the value of your property.  We say large tract of land, because it can often be time consuming and expensive to get this done.  However, it could be the wise thing to do.  With that, if you are looking to sell your mineral rights, please keep in mind this is just an appraisal.  The true value of your mineral rights when selling is what the highest bidder is willing to pay.

2 – Research – Google is an amazing thing.  It is likely you found us by searching for something like “market value of minerals in Dunn County North Dakota”.  You are making an attempt to educate yourself about an upcoming decision or you are just curious.  In either case, you are very likely not going to have much luck.  The oil and gas industry is a closed industry.  There are not published market values of your mineral rights and even if they were they would be outdated or inaccurate.  Oil prices are extremely volatile and as a consequence, so is the market value of minerals in Dunn County North Dakota.

3 – Online Marketplace – If you are looking to sell and want to figure out how much your minerals are worth, you need to get your property in front of thousands of buyers across the country.  This will provide you the best chance of getting a true market value for your property.

The Market Place

Where can I find the market value of minerals in North Dakota online and where is this market place you speak of?

If you are looking to sell your mineral rights, we highly recommend the US Mineral Exchange. They have been through the “flight simulations” with thousands of mineral owners and have the experience and tools required to determine the market value of minerals in North Dakota. Mineral owners that have used the Exchange in the past have always been highly complimentary of their services. Unless you are absolutely confident you can do this alone we suggest you reach out to them.

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