Value of Royalties in Williams County North Dakota

Value of Royalties in Williams County North Dakota

Are you trying to determine the value of royalties in Williams County North Dakota?  Please read the post below carefully and consider reaching out to us for additional information.

How much should I expect to receive for my royalties?

The value of your oil and gas royalties depends on a number of factors.  Generally speaking the calculation below will be a good guide.  However, if you are hoping to maximize your value, please do contact us.

Take the average of the last 6 months of checks you have received.    Once you have done this, you can then expect to get anywhere from 36 months to 6+ years worth of production.
Let’s walk through an example:

January    $500
February  $475
March       $525
April         $500
May          $525
June         $500

6 month royalty income total: $3,025  /  6 months =  $504 monthly average royalty income

Since you can expect a buyer to pay between 36 months and 6 years (72 months) of your monthly average, your expected price range should be:
$18,144 (36 months X $504) to $36,288 (72 months x $504)

Investors will use different methods to determine the value of royalties in Williams County North Dakota, so it is critical to contact as many investors as you can to see who pays more!

Here is a handy calculator we think you will find helpful.

How to Determine the value of Oil and Gas Royalties:

To find out the exact value of your royalties, it’s important to accomplish two things:
1. Know the factors that investors value and determine how those factors relate to your royalties. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.
2. Market your royalties to as many investors as possible

Below are the best solutions to accomplish these two things:

Solution 1: Bakken Mineral Owners Free Consultation

We speak with Royalty Owners all over North Dakota and Montana.  Royalty owners call us with questions about the value of their royalties and how they can effectively negotiate for higher sales prices.

Do you have questions?  Get a free consultation with us by filling out the form below.

Solution 2: US Mineral Exchange Listing Service

List your property on-line with the only market place we recommend. At US Mineral Exchange you are able to market your property to thousands of investors that buy minerals and royalties from all over the country.  There is no charge to list and no obligation to sell.

You can visit them at

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