Value of Royalties in Golden Valley North Dakota

Value of Royalties in Golden Valley North Dakota

Last week I was asked how to determine the value of royalties in Golden Valley North Dakota by a lady, let’s call June.  June’s mother was now living in a nursing home and these mineral rights were the very last asset the family had to help pay for her mother’s care.  The decision to sell was made for them and all they wanted was to be treated fairly.

Thankfully, June contacted us.  June had received an offer letter from a company wanting to purchase the property and was in her words “seriously considering it”.  It was a large sum of money to June and would have paid a few years of living expenses for her mother.  She was actually pretty excited about it.

But June got caught up in the number and forgot to focus on the value.  This is what happens to the vast majority of royalty owners who reach out to us.  We convinced June to hold off on accepting the offer and to contact several mineral rights buyers in her area to see if they would be interested in her property.  We also had her reach out to US Mineral Exchange to determine if they could help.

In only a couple of weeks, June closed out her royalty transaction for three times the original offer!  There may be a buyer out there right now, contacting you about your royalties.  Do you know the value of royalties in Golden Valley North Dakota?  While June’s story may end up different than yours, if you do not at least fight to determine your value you will never know.

Seller beware:  The buyer is not going to expose their hand.  They will not tell you they will pay a premium for additional well potential.  It will be very important to understand what you own and ensure you test the market to ensure you do in fact get paid a premium for your property.x


Calculating the Value of Royalties in Golden Valley North Dakota

The value of royalties in Golden Valley North Dakota can generally be calculated using the form below.  Mineral buyers looking for oil and gas royalty income in Golden Valley pay anywhere from 48 to 72 times your average monthly royalty income.  However, please note the alert below.  This calculation does not include any upside potential of your property.

While this calculator will give you a general indication of what you might expect to receive for your Golden Valley oil and gas royalties, your property may have some upside potential a buyer is not going to tell you about.  Many factors will play a role in the valuation of your royalties.

If you are hoping for premium prices, we recommend the services of US Mineral Exchange.  They have a database with thousands of buyers from all over the country and have experience getting the highest values for mineral owners.

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